First in the world, super output

Deals 180% attack damage to all enemies and reduces theirdamage by 20%. The effect lasts for 2 rounds

Big move comes with 15% bloodsucking

After entering the arena, increase your injury-free by 20%,and the effectlasts for 3 rounds

Take damage for the units directly behind (only valid in the front row)

Wei Wu whip, later output

Cao Cao increases his armor by 40%(can't be covered by the same kind of buff) for 2 turns,dealing 150% damage to all enemies

Normal attack has a 25% probability with no healing effect, which lasts for 2 rounds

The World of Wei Wu has a 40% chance of being accompanied bythe Promotion Therapy effect, lasting for 2 rounds

Regenerates 5% HP at the end of each turn until the end ofthe battle

Silver Dragon Sprint, Meat Shield Output

Attack enemy single-row target, deal 300% damage,15% additional damage to front-row units, and increase their damage by 120% Shield

For every target hit by the big move, cast the Silver Dragon Array once, the damage is halved, and the amount of shield remains unchanged

Increases your armor by 2% and your attack power by 2% per turn, and can stack up to 5 layers

Kill the target and gain an additional 250 rage points

First aid healing, powerful wet nurse

Heals 2 targets with the lowest health value for 200% of their own attack, and heals for 1 round for 130% of their own attack

Leisurely Luoshen Treatment Goal+1

At the end of each turn,there is a 20% chance to increase the armor of your friend's minimum HP target by 20% for 2turns

Self and other friendly troops in the same platoon gain awareness and can attack invisible units

Preemptive strike, winning thousands of miles

Deals 240% damage to the enemy‘s vertical array and has a 50% chance of increasing the Descend 30% Hit value of the enemy target. The effect lasts for 4 rounds

When in the front row, the enemy target in the same row reduces thehit value by 5%,and the effect lasts until the end of the battle

Increases your rage by 500 at the end of each turn when your health is below 60%

When the health value is less than 30%,it restores 25% of its health at the end of each turn